Bunch Tooth Pick Holder

If you’re gonna put these in your mouth to maintain your oral hygiene, your toothpicks better be stored hygienically and stylishly. The Bundled Toothpick Box looks like the most crudest way you’ll ever keep your toothpicks (tied together with a rubber band) and will quickly get a conversation started once served up, but that’s not really the case here.

It’s actually a toothpick storing box that opens up at the top, keeping your picks clean inside. Carry one in your pocket (if you eat out often) or place it on your dining table. Clean your teeth and watch the fun.

– Looks like you’re carrying a bunch of toothpicks with a rubber band,
– It’s actually a box!
– Fits in your pocket,
– Holds a bunch of toothpicks,
– Does not poke!

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